Easy sign ups for JIRA Service Desk

Hi, I'm really happy that you are evaluating Easy sign ups

I tried to make this plugin self-explanatory but if I failed in that and you have any doubts or questions please contact me so I can answer them and also improve the plugin.

Cheers, Pawel

What's the purpose of this plugin?

If you use JIRA ServiceDesk as an open support and communication tool you may want to decide to speed up sign up process for your customers.

This plugin lets your customers sign up with their existing account from one of the services like Google, LinkedIn or GitHub.

Once enabled and configured the plugin will attach to JIRA ServiceDesk login page.

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Security considerations

This plugin allows to create accounts on your system that have randomly generated password. When a user logs in it gets a remember me cookie stored in his browser - as long as the user doesn't log out or the cookie expires (usually in two weeks) the browser will allow him to access your application.

Usage tracking

To support development of this plugin and understand better users limited usage tracking will be introduced in version 4.0.0. This plugin will report to Google Analytics only if JIRA analytics is enabled.

The plugin will report following information:

  • number and type of providers installed in the system (once a day)
  • configuration changes - adding/removing/editing the provider
  • occurence of an error during authentication
  • initial installment of the plugin

You can always refer to source code to check how this information is gathered.

Supported Providers

Current the plugin supports following services Google (also Google Apps), Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, VK.

Known limitations

For every JIRA server you maintain you will need register it with the service you want to use (to obtain OAuth2 client id and secret).

In case you want to change the address you host your JIRA ServiceDesk you will have to update each of the registrations.

There is no way for the user to set the password. If the user decides no to use his external account for JIRA ServiceDesk he will have to reset his password.


I'm getting "Oops, you've found a dead link" when I try to log in

Let's imagine that you have configured Google provider (or any other to be specific), you then access your JIRA and click Google button. In return you get HTTP/404 server response and an error page. When inspecting the location bar in the browser you can still see that it is your JIRA's address.

Lets imainge you host your JIRA on

You can see that the browser points to…

This means that you host JIRA behind reverse proxy and the proxy rewrote the address back to your JIRA instead of passing it through, because plugin returned following address:…

Please fix reverse proxy configuration and the plugin will function properly.

How to debug the plugin?

Go to Logging and profiling and use Configure logging level for another package to enable logging for this plugin. Use com.pawelniewiadomski for package name and select TRACE for logging level. Once configured the plugin will log additional information to atlassian-jira.log